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This is the official project roadmap for the desktop and Android Java I2P releases only. Some related tasks for related resources such as the website and plugins are included.

For details and discussion on specific items, search on trac or zzz.i2p. For contents of past releases, see the release notes. For other project goals, see the meeting notes.

Note that we do not have a particular target for numbering a release as "1.0". We plan to continue numbering releases as 0.9.x for now. We do not maintain separate unstable and stable branches or releases. We have a single, stable release path. Our normal release cycle is 8-12 weeks.


Released: January 27, 2016

  • SAM v3.2
  • Require Java 7
  • NetDB Family
  • Remove commons-logging
  • Use SSU Extended options to request introduction
  • Experimental Sybil analysis tool
  • Unit test improvements
  • Complete transition to Ed25519 signatures for most routers
  • Tunnel Bloom filter fixes
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: March 22, 2016

  • SAM v3.3
  • Sybil tool enhancements
  • QR codes and identicons
  • Crypto speedups
  • Router family configuration UI
  • Custom icons for non-webapp plugins
  • Pure Java key pair generation
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: June 7, 2016

  • New subscription protocol, addressbook support (proposal 112)
  • Wrapper 3.5.29
  • GMP 6.0 (Debian/Ubuntu packages, new installs)
  • Certificate revocations in the news feed
  • Debian/Ubuntu/Tails package improvements
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: October 17, 2016

  • SSU IPv6 peer testing (proposal 126)
  • Enable tray icon on Windows
  • Add outproxy plugin support in SOCKS
  • Hidden mode improvements
  • SSU peer test fixes
  • Initial work on NTCP2
  • Initial work on New DH
  • GMP 6.0 (In-net updates)


Released: December 12, 2016

  • IPv6 improvements
  • Increase IPv6 MTU (proposal 127)
  • Blocklist enhancements (proposal 129)
  • Sybil tool enhancements
  • Bundled software updates: Jetty, JRobin, Tomcat, Wrapper, Zxing
  • Fixes for Java 9
  • Improved self-signed certificates
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: February 27, 2017

  • More fixes for Java 9
  • NTP hardening and IPv6 support
  • Same-origin referer pass through
  • BOB database refactor
  • Preliminary Docker support
  • Translated man pages
  • I2PBote release 0.4.5
  • stats.i2p accepts authentication strings (proposal #112)
  • Streaming test harness
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: May 3, 2017

  • Hidden service server sigtype migration (publish dual LS)
  • Tomcat 8 / Jetty 9.2
  • Stretch/Zesty support
  • i2ptunnel authentication page improvements and fixes
  • Introducer expiration (proposal #133)
  • I2PBote release 0.4.6
  • i2psnark-rpc plugin
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: August 7, 2017

  • Console redesign phase 1 ("refresh") (ticket #738)
  • Move /peers HTML code to console, remove from Android
  • i2psnark ratings and comments
  • Launch I2P Summer of Dev 2
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: November 7, 2017

  • Ignore hostnames in router infos (proposal #141)
  • UI fixes
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: January 30, 2018

  • Reseed support for proxies
  • Enable tray app on OSX
  • Jetty 9.2.22, Tomcat 8.5.23, Wrapper 3.5.34
  • Console CSS fixes and improvements
  • Susimail fixes, improvements, refactoring part 1
  • Streaming bug fixes
  • Android fixes
  • Bote fixes
  • Debian packaging changes and improvements, dependency changes
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: April 10, 2018

  • Susimail fixes, improvements, refactoring part 2
  • I2PControl plugin fixed
  • UPnP support for IGD 2
  • IPv6 address selection improvements
  • Better tunnel peer selection for hidden and IPv6-only modes
  • Prep for HTTPS console and eepsite by default
  • Prep for splitting up Debian package
  • Mac OS X installer, dock, tray enhancements (research and initial work)
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates


Released: June 26, 2018

  • Jetty 9.2.24
  • Tomcat 8.5.30
  • Susimail folders, background sending
  • Improved support for SSL console and eepsite
  • Bug fixes, translation updates, geoip updates
  • Progress on proposal #111 (NTCP2)
  • Progress on Mac OS X installer, dock, tray enhancements


Released: August 23, 2018

  • NTCP2 (disabled by default)
  • Jetty 9.2.25
  • Progress on proposal #123 (LS2 with multi-destination support)
  • Initial research on ElGamal replacement ("new crypto" / proposal #142)
  • Capacity improvements: discussions, research, preliminary
  • Streaming improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • NTCP Pumper improvements
  • EdDSA updates


Released: October 4, 2018

  • NTCP2 (enabled by default)
  • Android i2ptunnel SSL crash fix

2019 Vision

I2P connects & empowers people & communities to reclaim control over their privacy and security. The project is a platform for communication & information sharing. It enables individuals to grow in communities with a censorship-resistant environment, a space to connect and communicate.


Released: January 22, 2019

  • New setup wizard with bandwidth testing
  • Beta Mac OS X installer, dock, tray enhancements
  • Signed Windows installer
  • Signed Firefox profile installer
  • Preliminary floodfill support for LS2
  • Sybil tool background analysis
  • Switch to Maxmind GeoLite2 GeoIP format
  • Switch JSON lib to json-simple, add Debian dependency
  • New light background
  • Orchid plugin fixes
  • AppArmor fixes
  • Continue work on ECIES-X25519 support (proposal #144)


Released: March 21, 2019

  • Redesigned website home page
  • Reduce themes (ticket #2272)
  • Replacement icons for console home page
  • Continue work on testnet
  • Floodfill and client encrypted LS2 support (proposal #123)
  • LS2 client-side support (proposal #123)
  • Add option to disable NTCP1
  • Bundle i2pcontrol
  • AppArmor fixes
  • starting investigation of zerodeps jre
  • starting investigation of monolithic installer
  • Have apt-transport-i2p and all of its dependencies on-track for inclusion in Debian (sam3 and gosam, the Go i2p application libraries), include in PPA/Project repo
  • Write beginner application development guides for SAM applications
  • Start community PPA and application development (sub)forums
  • Write materials for newbies on Medium
  • Complete preferences dialog on the OSX Launcher
  • Feature for running devbuilds with OSX Launcher


Target release date: Mid-May 2019

  • Redesigned website navigation menu
  • Remove shutdown icon from reload button (ticket #2302)
  • Refactor CSS in console to point to consolidated icons
  • New fonts and colour palette chosen for ongoing improvements to website and console
  • Continue work on testnet
  • I2CP and router support for decrypting LS2 (proposal #123)
  • Router decryption of LS2 support (proposal #123)
  • Router-side meta LS2 support (proposal #123)
  • Continue work on ECIES-X25519 support (proposal #144)
  • Start work on Network ID detection (proposal #147)
  • Start work on BLAKE2b sig types (proposal #148)
  • Implement base 32 for encrypted LS2 (proposal #149)
  • GMP 6.1.2 (ticket #1869), possibly partial?
  • Disable NTCP1?
  • Signed Windows installer?
  • Scripted connection filter for streaming
  • i2psnark UI performance
  • geti2p/i2p docker image available at our download page libsam: example with ANC integration
  • libsam: use the best from the duplicated libraries making one improved one
  • osx: theme selection
  • osx: XPC or normal wrapper for the daemon instead of directly call java
  • osx: auto updater
  • osx: share file or directory to i2psnark via context menu in Finder (built-in file manager)
  • osx: refactor away from own event system to swift's
  • osx: upgrade to newer swift version
  • bote: fix peers issue at android version
  • release process: move download.i2p2.de to multihomed self-hosted S3 with deploy scripts built into ant
  • browser: new release, upstream tor changes, minor changes
  • Browser identity management UI WebExtension for i2p Browser build
  • Browser news/documentation inclusion WebExtension for i2p Browser build
  • Debian packaging changes and improvements
  • Ready indication for Tails
  • Onboarding improvements
  • Split configuration directories for i2ptunnel and other applications as appropriate
  • Self-installing client/service demos for nginx(server only), ssh/sshd, and Mattermost client/server using split i2ptunnel configuration and apt
  • Port any maintainable, i2p-native bittorrent client to be apt-get installable in Debian, likely BiglyBT or XD
  • Produce ISO for "I2P Linux Distro Redux" Project using these features
  • Achieve reproducible build (#2279)
  • Add v3 onion support to Orchid, then I2P Orchid plugin
  • Fix I2P-bote?
  • Fix signing for Windows installer (launch4j/IzPack)
  • Browser tunnel identity management UI WebExtension for i2p Browser build
  • Extended SOCKS Proxy with WebExtension Native Messaging features for i2p Browser build and general use
  • Create .deb package for Extended SOCKS proxy for PPA/Project Repo
  • goSam - Up to SAM 3.2, better default signatures.
  • sam3 - Up to SAM 3.2, better default signatures. Streaming, datagrams, and raw. General improvements.
  • jsam - Further development
  • Better support / encourage translation efforts
  • AppArmor enforce mode
  • Write I2P rules for ferm (frontend for iptables) on Tails
  • Use less risky code for /tmp handling in I2P initscript and systemd unit file (#1837)
  • Make i2p.service aware User/Group so that status is updated (#2324)
  • Make i2p.postinst not use recursive chmod
  • Release new Syndie, replace icons
  • Update Syndie website

2H 2019 0.9.41-43

  • Continue work on testnet
  • Disable NTCP1
  • Per-client auth support for encrypted LS2 (proposal #123)
  • Backend for meta LS2 support (proposal #123)
  • Continue work on ECIES-X25519 support (proposal #144)
  • Begin work on SSU2?
  • Create proposal and research multipath and path-awareness via I2CP
  • I2PTunnel socket-side NIO
  • Mattermost integration?
  • Readthedocs support?
  • Service lookup (proposal #123 types 9 and 11)
  • Reachability Mapping / handle peers partially reachable / enhanced restricted routes
  • Enhance i2pcontrol to support new console experiments
  • etherpad-like space where the team can collectively keep track of progress on roadmap items; or a git repo with markdown files which all team members have access to
  • full i2p browser (i.e. de-branded firefox)
  • Monolithic Windows installer?

2019 I2P-Bote

Note: Developer needed

  • I2P-Bote fixes
  • Android I2P-Bote fixes
  • See github isses for details

2019 Android

Note: Developer needed

  • Android GMP 6 and 64-bit jbigi
  • Android gather user feedback
  • Android UI enhancements
  • Android router service as a library
  • Android logging improvements
  • Android wakelock fix
  • Android fixes
  • Android tunnel settings
  • Android profiles

Please see the TODO list for more detailed info about some of these tasks.