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The GPG public key used to sign the distributed files is 0xDF0A0A1A (fingerprint 97C6 EEFB 60D3 8EA4 C1BE 33FF ABE0 C319 DF0A 0A1A).

Development source:

Older releases are archived.

To upgrade or reinstall, simply install Syndie again on top of itself. Upgrading or reinstalling does not affect your content or keys, just the software. To completely wipe any old data, identities, or keys, delete the $HOME/.syndie directory.

To uninstall, if you used the installer and created desktop icons or start menu shortcuts, simply launch the included uninstaller. Otherwise, just remove the directory you installed Syndie into (e.g. $HOME/syndie or C:\Program Files\Syndie).

The Syndie content is stored in $HOME/.syndie or %HOME%\.syndie by default, so you should delete that directory as well if you want to remove the content (and private keys!). To use another location (or to run multiple instances at once), simply pass another root directory on the command line (e.g. java -jar syndie.jar %HOME%\nym1)