I2P 软件 (I2P)

The I2P Java distribution is the first I2P software gateway and has been actively developed since 2003. It includes a router, applications, and the ability to manage and customize your own connection with the I2P network using a built in Hidden Services manager

Applications are made available through a webUI that listens at The main page is called the “Router Console,” where network connection status is displayed and access to applications is provided.


设置向导:当您下载 I2P 软件时,设置向导将带您完成几个配置步骤,而您的路由器将与网络进行首次连接。这与您的家庭路由器将您连接到互联网的方式相同。在设置过程中,您将能测试您的带宽以及设置带宽限制,以确保作为网络对等节点的良好连接。

The I2P Router Console: Here is where you can see your router network connections. You will be able to see how many peers you have, and other information that will help if you need to troubleshoot. You can stop and start the router as well. You will see the applications that the software includes, as well as links to some community forums and sites on the I2P network. You will receive news when there is a a new software release, and will be able to download the latest version here as well. Additionally, you can find shortcuts to other available applications. The console is customizable and includes a default light theme with a dark theme option.

SusiMail:SusiMail 是一款安全的电子邮件客户端。它主要用于在 I2P 网络内与 Postman 电子邮件服务器一起使用。它旨在避免将有关电子邮件使用的信息泄露给其它网络。 SusiMail是桥接的,因此它也能发送邮件到互联网,以及接受来自互联网的邮件。 有时,您可能会看到某些电子邮件服务(如 Gmail )将其归类为垃圾邮件,您可以在您的互联网电子邮件服务提供商的设置中纠正。

I2PSnark:Snark 是一款仅限 I2P 网络的 BitTorrent 客户端。它从不与其它网络的对等节点连接。

地址簿:是一组本地定义的列表,包含了人类可读的地址(例如:i2p-projekt.i2p)和与其对应的 I2P 地址(udhdrtrcetjm5sxzskjyr5ztpeszydbh4dpl3pl4utgqqw2v4jna.b32.i2p)。它与其它应用集成,允许您使用这些人类可读的地址代替 I2P 地址。它更像主机文件或联系人列表,而不是网络数据库或 DNS 服务。没有公认的全局命名空间,最终由您决定给定的 .i2p 域名应该被映射到哪。

The QR Code Generator: Besides the Address Book, I2P addresses can be shared by converting them into QR codes and scanning them with a camera. This is especially useful for Android devices.

I2P Hidden Services Manager This is a general-purpose adapter for forwarding services ( ie SSH ) into I2P and proxying client requests to and from I2P. It provides a variety of “Tunnel Types” which are able to do advance filtering of traffic before it reaches I2P.

I2P Network Compatible Applications

Mozilla Firefox: A web browser with advanced privacy and security features, this is the best browser to configure to browse I2P sites.

Chromium: A web browser developed by Google that is the Open-Source base of Google Chrome, this is sometimes used as an alternative to Firefox.

BiglyBT: A Feature-Rich bittorrent client including I2P support and the unique ability to “Bridge” regular torrents in-to I2P so people can download them anonymously.

OpenSSH: OpenSSH is a popular program used by systems administrators to remotely administer a server, or to provide “Shell” accounts for users on the server.

Git/Gitlab: Git is a source-code control tool which is distributed, and often recommends a fork-first workflow. Hosting source code on I2P is an important activity, so Gitlab-specific instructions are available for all to use.

Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux: It is possible to obtain packages for Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux over I2P using apt-transport-i2p and apt-transport-i2phttp. In the future, a bittorrent-based transport may also be developed.

Applications for Developers to create new things

The SAM API Bridge: The SAM API is a language-independent API for writing applications that are I2P-native by communicating with the local I2P router. It can provide Streaming-like capabilities, Anonymous Datagrams, or Repliable Datagrams.

The BOB API Bridge: This is a deprecated technology, BOB users should migrate to SAM if it is possible for them to do so.

The I2CP API: Not strictly an application, this is how Java applications communicate with the I2P router to set up tunnels, generate and manage keys, and communicate with other peers on the network.