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I2P Browser is on a 6-month hiatus, to re-evaluate the resources required to sustain it. The code is available to the community, and those of us who can will help community members who ask, but we are not working on it officially at this time. Like other browsers, I2P Browser is actually built from a group of tools that work together to start and stop applications, configure settings, and secure the user against attacks.

Source Code

  • Build Scripts(Github): Start here to build from source. This is the collection of build scripts that gathers the source code for all the components and executes each step of the build process.
  • Firefox Source Code(Github): This is the source code of our fork of Firefox LTS, which is in turn based on the work of the Tor Browser team and modified for use with I2P.
  • I2PButton Browser Extension(Github): Start here to experiment with your changes. Many of our essential features are facilitated by this plugin.

Essential Documentation

Contact Us

  • Bug Tracker Should you wish to communicate with us on a service other than Github, you may contact us via the I2P Bug Tracker.
  • Mailing List We also have a public mailing list for discussion of the I2P Browser.